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Swift M3702C-3 Cordless Monocular Microscope

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  • Description
    Ideal for advanced high school, biology, college, veterinarian, medical, or technical applications, the Swift Optical M3702C-3 Cordless Monocular Microscope is as practical and versatile as it is thoughtfully designed.

    It is outfitted with a single 10x wide field eyepiece and a triple-position nosepiece with 4x, 10x, and 40x objectives that produce magnifications from a low 40x up to a high of 400x. The objectives are parfocal and parcentered, so that little or no focus adjustment will be required when changing magnifications, and the center of the view will remain consistent when switching objectives. The objective turret is also reverse mounted, so the unselected objectives point backward to provide better access to the stage and make changing slides easier. For added comfort and convenience, the eyepiece is set at a 45° angle to make it easy to view through whether you are sitting or standing, and the head can rotate a full 360° to make sharing fast.

    The large 5.75x4.75" specimen stage features built-in slide clips, with a two-speed coarse and fine focusing mechanism. The 1.25 Abbe condenser has an iris diaphragm that allows you to precisely control the amount of light coming though the stage for improved specimen contrast. A single lower LED illuminator also has a rheostat dimmer, giving you complete control of the intensity. This model comes with three rechargeable batteries for field use and they charge in the microscope to eliminate the need to carry charging cradles. A single charge will power the LED illuminator for up to 40 hours.

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    Additional Category Tags: Compound Microscopes
    Category: Optics
    Manufacturer Catalog Number: M3702C-3
    Product Manufacturer: Swift
    Subcategory: Microscopes
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